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I am curious about something - how do you find the time to do everything you do?  Life is so busy!  Could you find the extra 250 hours it would take to organise your wedding or even the 30+ hours it takes to plan, set up and style a special celebration? If you can't -I'm here to help.

You’ll find me like a good friend - I’ll be there to help you with whatever you need and you'll always get the final say! Isn’t that what you need most at the moment? In all seriousness though, life is stressful enough but when you add preparations for such an important time in your life, you need that extra friend to help you. A friend that is devoted to you and your needs, one that is happy to do the running around for you. I know that is what you need and I am that person for you.

Wedding & Event Planner + Designer, Dog, Cat & Human Mum & Friend

Hi, I'm Lauren

Mer-ah-kee ( noun )

In Greek, there is a word that is used to describe the way people do things for those they love. That word is Meraki, which refers to what happens when you leave your soul, creativity and love in your work. When you love doing something so much, you put so much time, thought and energy into it that you leave a piece of yourself behind. Your essence is forever connected to what you do. 

- melissa + david

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- angela + tom

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Karen & Peter, are a gorgeous couple & soulmates who tied the knot in an intimate ceremony attended by close friends and family at Leftbank Restaurant in Melbourne (perfect because it was also the location of their first date). Despite fears of rain the sun shone brightly & warmly throughout the whole day. It sounds corny I know but the sun had nothing on the huge smiles on this couple's faces.  We were thrilled to help Peter & Karen with planning and coordination.

Karen + Peter

I was so excited to be asked by my gorgeous friend Daniela to style her husband Pat’s 40th birthday celebration.  The location for this milestone event was a lovely, contemporary venue - Di Palma’s Restaurant in Kew.
Gold & Black was the theme with a large balloon garland in the Gold & Black colour palette taking centre stage.
I had so much fun constructing the garland which turned my workspace into a sea of black and gold and filled my car to the brim!

Pat's 40th

Welcome on a trip back to the 50’s! Time of American Graffiti & Grease - the good old American Diner came alive for a 14th birthday party like no other! Retro was the theme and the colour palette the Ol’ Stripey of Red, White & Blue. Styling elements included old-fashioned Coca-Cola bottles, chairs set up like a cinema, a concession stand like no other, hot dogs in buns and a vintage popcorn maker The Coca-Cola flavoured cupcakes with whipped cream topping were a huge hit!

Retro party

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I’d really like for us to be friends and friends are there for each other, so from me to you, here are the Top 10 Meraki Tips to creating a Unique Celebration.
I’m a Disney buff from way back, so if I sound corny when I say ‘you’ve got a friend in me’ - I’m really not sorry! So my friend, I hope you enjoy my top 10 tips to creating a unique celebration.

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