When you think Baby Shower – What comes to mind? Let me guess. Baby bingo? Guess the weight, sex, birth-date?  Champagne and Mocktails (well I don’t mind the champagne!), sausage rolls, mini quiches and sandwiches? I’m not saying that can’t be fun – but wouldn’t it be more fun to treat your guests to something different? Let’s put the unique back into the baby shower! The first thing to realize is that we are all different and a baby shower is not a one-size fits all. And perhaps more importantly,  today there are many different types of families and potentially so, many different ‘needs’  to be met in celebrating your baby shower. So let’s take a look at how you can plan and style the MOST unique baby shower ever! 

Gender Reveal Parties

TO Reveal or NOT to Reveal?

Before the Baby Shower may come the REVEAL. Some of you may want to find out your baby’s sex. Some of you may not. And that’s OK. 

Gender reveal parties have been really popular for awhile now, but not everyone wants to reveal or even know the sex of their baby. There can be so much pressure on the expectant parents to find out & then share, the sex of their baby.

I was definitely part of Team Surprise. I DID NOT want to find out the sex of either of my children. To me, the constant guessing & Old Wives Tales were part of the fun. For those on Team Find Out, a Gender Reveal is an awesome opportunity to share the excitement of finding out the baby’s gender and there are a MULTITUDE of different, crazy & unique baby shower ideas out there.

” The Meaning of UNIQUE…Being the only one of it’s kind, unlike anything else”

Let’s call time on all those OLD ideas & create more UNIQUE BABY SHOWER ideas

A baby shower can be anything that YOU want it to be. Basically, a Baby Shower includes eating food, games & present opening.

What many don’t really think about when planning a Baby Shower is there’s ALWAYS a unique way of approaching this special celebration. A Baby Shower should be as individual you are. Let’s leave out & get past the Jungle, Winnie-the-Pooh, Navy & Red, Pink & Purple, Baby Blue, Pastel Pink. DONE, DONE, DONE. Let’s plan the MOST UNIQUE BABY SHOWER EVER.

Peanut Butter in nappies is SO done

Old time Baby Shower Games

Who’s a peanut butter fan? I love Peanut Butter to bits, but I have to admit after a baby shower with Peanut Butter in nappies, I have to come off the P butter for a week to get the image of poopy peanut butter nappies out of my mind. It has been done to death. Seriously. Same with baby bingo, guess the sex, birthdate, weight. 

  • Instead of poopy nappies why don’t you play nappy pong??? The person with the most balls in the nappies  wins. 
  • Hide dummies everywhere and send the guests on a dummy hunt.

 Time to get creative and be interactive.  Leave the peanut butter where it belongs – in the pantry. There are MANY types and styles of families and MANY different ways families want to celebrate an upcoming birth. 


How to keep the peace when you have a unique family dynamic

It is completely true that families come in all shapes & sizes so there’s every chance that one or both of you come from a separated and/or blended family. It goes without saying that in this situation, special celebrations can be hugely anxiety-provoking for all those involved. 

I have had that experience first-hand and I understand the anxiety it induces. I’ve had the MIL, Step MIL, Step Sisters and Half Sisters. I totally get how difficult it is and I am the first to admit that in many situations I have either invited only one or neither.

A really good idea  to have the stress taken off you in this situation is for the host of your amazing Baby Shower to take control and keep an eye on the dynamics. 

  • Don’t play games which could require direct communication & interaction between the two families.
  • Instead of individual gifts, request ALL guests bring items to put into a BIG hamper for the parents-to-be. That way, their individual gifts can be given when the baby arrives.

Remember, with a host you will have someone else keeping an eye out for any potential issues and smoothing them over without you even knowing anything and having your day spoiled by any conflict.

Mummy mummy or Daddy daddy

No Rainbow’s needed. Celebrate diversity & the unique

Let’s celebrate diversity & individuality and MummyMummy or DaddyDaddy the hell out of this Baby Shower!  Every couple is different, every family dynamic is different and every baby is too.              

The bottom line is :        

Love is Love and it really doesn’t matter what gender the parents are, as long as the baby is wanted & loved. THAT’S A UNIQUE BABY SHOWER RIGHT THERE.

Every adoption is so special

Adoption Showers are super special

Again, families come in all different styles and shapes.  What an honor to be able to become adopted parents to a child!  And to give a better life to that child!  Here are our tips in celebrating the magic of adopting a baby or child.

  • You don’t have to physically carry a baby to be a mother or even a father. For those parents who are adopting, an adoption shower is such a special celebration, a celebration of having a child come into their lives.
  • Adoption is a couple’s journey so involve both parents in the planning & don’t make it a surprise gathering.
  • Think about the child’s age. If under 2, absolutely call it an Adoption Baby Shower. If the child is over 2, why don’t you call it an ‘Adoption Welcome Party’ or ‘Welcome Tea Party’.
  • Adoption gives you the opportunity to play around with some really cool ideas. If it is an international adoption, consider using aspects of the child’s nationality.  Keep reading to find about many different cultures and how they celebrate an upcoming birth and use those ideas!

There are many different ways to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new child into the family, it’s a time to celebrate the uniqueness of adoption & how special and wonderful  it is. GIVE THE NEW MUM THE MOST, SPECIAL UNIQUE BABY SHOWER to celebrate this special time in her life.

Multicultural Differences mean unique ideas & a TOTALLY UNIQUE BABY SHOWER

Are you and your partner from different cultural backgrounds?  Cultural diversity is an exciting opportunity to really up the ante in the unique stakes. Embrace your differences and have fun with them.  Listen to these great examples and come up with your own!

  • The Ghanian Dance party

For instance, in Ghana they celebrate an upcoming birth by having a big (dance) party! In one example, a woman wanted to combine the more ‘traditional’ Baby Shower with her Ghanian husbands cultural traditions for celebrating the impending birth of their child. So how to do it? How to combine a traditional shower within the afternoon hours and the epic ‘dance party’ atmosphere and traditions of the Ghanian culture?

  • Brazilian Baby Teas.

Let’s talk about having a ‘Cha de Bebe’ (a Baby Tea in Brazil), now this is a seriously cool idea. A long procession of cars decorated with balloons and other decorations makes its way slowly to the location of the tea party where the mum is waiting outside and female family members accept gifts from the cars lined up.  Be different and call yours a Baby Tea. That would get the creative juices going.

As the young now say, spill the tea and discuss some ideas for a fun Cha de Bebe.

And to finish off, how did she blend both cultural traditions? 

Well, a traditional baby shower from 2pm – 6pm, followed by the ‘dance party’ from 5pm into the wee hours! This offered guests the opportunity to be part of the traditional part, just the evening party or a bit of both.

Differences in culture offer up some truly unique experiences to be had – differences that will give an incredible edge to your Celebration that will be spoken about for ages.  What an incredibly unique baby shower that would be!

 SIPPY, SIPPY, SIPPY (and no, I’m not referring to a sippy cup), I am talking about a really unique baby shower idea

Break out the champers, it’s time to Sip & See!  This might be the new trend amongst the more well-to-do, but who cares?? Who needs an excuse to dress up, drink champagne and parade your new bundle of joy around?  

  • This could be for all family & friends to attend and gives the added advantage of letting people know that there will be an opportunity to see the new baby once it’s born.
  •  You could see it as more of a ‘Coming Out party.

A Sip & See is essentially a party after the baby is born and life has settled down.

Babies are a new life coming into the world and every family dynamic is different, every baby is different and every family celebrates in their own way.

Baby showers are like a right of impending parenthood. But of course, there is not a one-size fits all, cookie cutter baby shower. We’re individuals with different wants, needs and likes. We believe It’s time to celebrate your individuality and make your Baby Shower a unique one everyone will remember.

If you haven’t guessed already, we love unique. Contact me for creative, special & UNIQUE Celebration planning and styling.  Book your FREE 20 minute Consultation to discuss ideas for your special celebration. Have a look & check out my Services page to get an idea of what we offer, but just remember we are all about UNIQUE so WE will do whatever YOU like so that we can plan the most AMAZING, UNIQUE BABY SHOWER – EVER.

The good old baby shower

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