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“I’m in love with my best friend”

The Happy Couple.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the beautiful couple, Chloe & David McAllister!

This gorgeous couple married recently in what we have affectionately termed ‘their Pintimate wedding’. To let you in on this, Pintimate stands for ‘Personal, Intimate’. Cute hey? 

They met through mutual friends at a dinner out. Corny as it sounds, it was love at first sight. And as is his personality, David made the first move and after that they were inseparable. There is just something so special about these two. Chloe and David wanted a day that really represented them.


They wanted to celebrate with those closest to them.

For them, that was TOTALLY PERFECT.

And you know what? No one else was needed.

It was Perfectly PINTIMATE.

Nearest & Dearest means Perfectly Pintimate.

Chloe & David easily named their closest people. A Wedding Celebration where they could actually SPEND TIME WITH THEIR GUESTS. To be surrounded by their loved ones. Those closest to them.

‘Why should we spend our money on inviting people that we may or may not ever have a close relationship with? Why should we compromise on everything we dream of for our wedding to invite Great Aunt Judy who we have nothing to do with? This day is not about work colleagues and friends from high school. It’s about us & us spending OUR day with the closest people in our lives. They are the ones that need to be there. No one else. ‘

An especially Personal & Intimate Wedding Ceremony set up. Small, intimate and full of love.
A Beautiful Wedding Ceremony in a very Personal, Intimate setting. It is always so important to have a very intimate connection with your loved ones.

Time to say ‘I Do’ in a very Personal, Intimate setting.

Those two words – ‘I do’.

The Irish Claddagh Ring. It is a very traditional Irish ring which symbolizes Love, Loyalty & Friendship. During the Ceremony, Chloe & David asked everyone to pass the rings around so that each & every loved one there, could ‘bless’ their rings with their love, loyalty & friendship. Everyone was crying by the end of that.

A Claddagh Ring symbolizes Love, Loyalty & Friendship - all the feelings that surround everyone in a very small, personal & intimate celebration of Love.
The Claddagh Ring – symbolizing Love, Loyalty & Friendship. This represents really strong values in relationships. A beautiful way to show the love shared.

Spotify Singalong.

Chloe & David are such a gorgeous couple and LOVE a good singalong and music sesh. We created ‘The McAllister’s‘ – A top-notch playlist that was released to only a select group of people. No one else had access to this special playlist. Talk about the release day. Within 12 hours we had 31 followers. And in the next 7 days, had over 50 songs added and by the big day had 87 new songs..


Crafty Cocktails & Garden Games.

A fantastic, fun way to engage with your loved ones at your Wedding reception. Incorporate interests of the couple in the entire Ceremony & Reception
Craft Beer Tasting with the guys (and girls!). Not only is it a really fun way to share experiences, but it supports local business in a fun way.

Crafty Cocktails & Garden Games??  Let me explain. Chloe loves Cocktails and David loves Beer. We decided that to really take it to the next level, was to have a pop up Cocktail Bar & Craft Beer Tasting and Garden Games before the reception started. This couple is all about sharing experiences with those they love. I’m not sure which game was the most enjoyed….It was Giant Jenga for me! And I always love a good cocktail! But then, WHO DOESN’T?!

If you love Cocktails, incorporate them into your Wedding Reception and have a really interactive & fun time.
Chloe’s favorite Cocktail – The Bramble. There is nothing better than sharing something that you have a personal interest in with those you love.

Beauty in the Personal & Intimate.

A table with no requirements on where to sit. Everyone is just as important as each other. Shared table, shared meal. Perfect for a couple who loves nothing more than to share an intimate (but fun!) dinner party with friends & loved ones. An incredible way to end such a special day.

A wonderfully Personal & Intimate table setting for a very Pintimate Wedding Celebration.
A wonderfully personal & intimate Wedding Table Setting perfect for a dinner party with loved ones.

The End to a very Personal, Intimate Wedding. A Perfectly Pintimate Day.

I am sure after hearing about the most wonderful day of their lives, YOU MUST BE INSPIRED to bring to life the MOST BEAUTIFUL, ROMANTIC AND LOVED UP Wedding Day you could EVER imagine.

Let me create a PERFECTLY PINTIMATE Celebration – JUST FOR YOU.  I would love to sit down with you and discuss what we can do to create this day of Celebration.


Click through to check out my Spotify playlist here the Meraki Playlist, where all the songs that I love are on (I’d LOVE you to add your favorites too). Chloe & David had their own Spotify playlist that was created. The #McAllistersplaylist was a HUGE hit. Wouldn’t you both love to have a CUSTOM MADE #spotifyplaylist for your special day as well?

I hope that hearing Chloe & David’s Wedding Day story fills you with excitement & has gotten your creative juices flowing. Check out my Services page here for information on the services I provide.

 Contact me here to have a complimentary champers and have a chat about how we can create a Celebration JUST FOR YOU BOTH.

Love to you both & HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!

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