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“ You were born an INDIVIDUAL, so don’t be a copy of everyone else”

Want some tips in creating a unique Celebration? Read on – but I warn you they are just a bit different!

Be Color Happy 

color range

What is meant by color happy? Well what are your favorite colors? This is the first and most obvious thought to consider and will form the basis of your upcoming Celebration. Color means everything in creating mood and feeling. I know that this might sound strange, but bear with me – keep reading and you will understand what I mean! 

White and Modern. Pale Blue is relaxing. Yellow – warm, bright and sunshiny.  What colors do you wear the most?  Think about what colors make you feel happy.  What colors don’t give you that feeling? I would love to know about how different colors make you feel. Let me know in the comments.

This, most definitely, leads into the next idea. Where, you ask, is the ULTIMATE place to develop your color happy place? My fave color is Blue…Can you figure out what my happy place is?

The Bunnings Raid

Bunnings Paint chips are the best!

I don’t know about you but I have an unhealthy obsession, depending on whether you consider it unhealthy or not. Yes, my obsession is with the paint aisle at Bunnings. I won’t lie, I often go to Bunnings for no other reason but to get as many paint chips as possible before the guilt sets in!  I am entranced by the array of colors. Trust me, there is a point to this. THERE IS NO BETTER PLACE THAN BUNNINGS to find the PERFECT COLOR PALETTE for your Celebration. Take my word for it, but be warned;  if you haven’t already, you may develop an obsession with the  paint aisle too.

Imagination is everything

Creativity follows on from imagination and when you open your mind up to imagination, your mind can come up with amazing things. And a brilliant way to do this is BRAIN DUMP.

Brain Dump it

 how to put all the ideas in your head on paper

Exactly as it says, brain dump it.  Open your mind and let the ideas flow. Fill the paper with all the ideas that flow out. Throw it all out. Dump it. Whatever comes to mind. Whether it’s food, fashion, movies, your favorite shade of nail polish. Wine, feelings, a book you want to read. Gosh, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING.

Again Lauren, how do I do this?? 

Ok here are the steps to dump all the thoughts in your mind.

1 – Pick a favourite journal, piece of paper, notebook and a pen.

2 – Sit somewhere comfortable.

3 – Open your journal or whatever you have decided to write on.

4 – Let your mind wander and note down WHATEVER thoughts come into your mind

5 –  What is in your mind? Are you thinking about your upcoming holiday that the next payment is due? What  colors do you think of when you think of your next holiday? Blue? Yellow? Did you see a really nice lipstick that you are thinking about? Is it Red? Pink? Did your man tell you about meeting his mates for a beer at the pub? What does the outside remind you of? Is it an old building? Rustic? Brown? Is your man putting on his leather jacket…is it Brown…Black?


The purpose? Somewhere in this brain dump of ideas, is the idea that could create the Celebration of your dreams.

Dreaming of Childhood

What were your favorite things as a child? 

What did you love the most?

As a child I spent several weeks during summer at Barwon Heads with my grandparents and EVERY MORNING WITHOUT FAIL my pa would buy me a donut from the Baker and a Big M from the Milkman when they came around in their vans.

What are your childhood memories?

The possibilities are endless when the mind goes back to dreams of  childhood.

Bucket List

What have you ALWAYS WANTED TO DO?  

What is on YOUR Bucket List? 

  •  Skydiving?
  • Scuba diving for Turtles?
  • Doing the Great Wall in China?
  • Cruising the Caribbean?
  • Everest Base Camp?

 If you look inside, to the goals in your life, you might just find the inspiration that you need.

Personality matters

Birthday Party Fun

We are all different and we all have our individuality. Are you a home-body? A water baby? A sunshine baby?

If you’re a home-body, have a small party at home. Maybe even a small dinner party. My Pinterest has a great board full of inspiration for dinner parties here.  If you are a water-baby like me, then look for a venue close to, or next to the water. I held my 40th at Mr Hobsons in Port Melbourne, Victoria.  A beautiful venue with lots of space options for an amazing Celebration. For you sunshine babies, look at holding your Celebration in the summertime so you can take advantage of the SUMMERY weather. 

World Traveller

Map of the world so you can pick the places you want to travel to

Have you ever played that old ‘80s computer game – ‘Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego’?

I LOVED that game. 

Recently I came across one of those Facebook quizzes on how many countries you’ve visited and the average was 8. I had 47.  Where has the travel bug taken you? 

  • Were you entranced by Italy? What about making a focus on that for your Celebration with a large family-style sharing table with Antipasto, Pizza & a cheeky Gelati Cart on the side? 
  • Gobsmacked by the culture of South-East Asia??  What about setting up a Noodle Bar with street food on the side??
  •   Fell in love with Paris? Create a world reminiscent of Paris with Champagne, Crepes, Baguettes & an art studio. 

The mind can go many, many places when you think of how you could bring your passion from your travels into creating a really UNIQUE Celebration.

Pin it, Pin it, Pin it!

Learn how fun pinning images on Pinterest is.

Who doesn’t LOVE Pinterest?? Seriously, Pinterest is THE BEST. Whether you’re visual or not, Pinterest is the ultimate place to gain ideas from. Pinterest is ALWAYS the first place I go to for inspiration. Pinterest gives you the ideas to start planning your unique celebration. The way to do it is firstly create a secret board just for yourself and do a search for topics related to your Celebration type. I have created boards for many themes and Celebrations. Check out my Pinterest here.  

It’s your time 

A Celebration is your time. Only yours.  You hold complete control over what you want your Celebration to look & feel like.

Final Thoughts

 I am guessing that the last thing you want after your Celebration, is for your guests to make a beeline for Macca’s drive through. Download my freebie about my Top 10 Tips in creating a UNIQUE Celebration  here. That will avoid the above happening. And that is ALWAYS a good thing.

Download, have a read through  and contact me to have a complimentary 45 minute chat about how we can create a UNIQUE Celebration for you, one that all your friends & family will be talking about forever.

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